Sales and Purchasing Consultancy

Best procurement organisations in the world are valuable corporate assets, not only do they deliver savings, reduce risks, and create better value for money, they model future events, improve their organisation’s image, and even increase sales, moving from old-world cost centres to innovative, value-adding revenue generators.

By this point of view, we focus all system not only sales but also purchasing strategies. By focusing on the way people behave and interact customer and suppliers.

Market Research

Without extensive knowledge of the market, gained through detailed and structured market analyses, the development of a sales strategy, the drawing up of a business plan, the realignment of a business unit or the search for new sales channels up to investment opportunities as well as sales and budget planning are not possible.

Implemented your strategies based to target market is the key point of success. Target customer, target country culture is the most important parameter to grow up your business.

We will offer you to lean target customer and market.

Business Development

Business development is the most important of sustainable grow up. To implement this success, developing better business strategies is must. Not only identifying the target customer and the target market but also understand their culture and other parameter is the one of key point of business development.

We will offer you our strong customer knowledge and market understanding to sustainable growth.


Ventilation refers to the process by which ‘clean’ (normally outdoor) air is intentionally supplied to a space, while stale air is removed. Ventilation is especially required for commercial and industrial spaces to control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants. Ventilation can also be used to control temperature, humidity and air motion.

NilventUk  is our partnership to develop and implent our business solution with our customer.


Automation is a necessity in industries because it is not only seeks improve the quality of life for humans at both home and work, it allows the distribution of both quality products and services to be made available at faster rates, and reduces down time and human error. It is what is currently propping up our world’s distribution chains.

Ugur otomasyon is our partnership to develop and implement our business solution with our customer.

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